Thursday, April 26, 2012

Ironman 70.3 St. George Announced!

Today, Ironman announced changes to Ironman St. George. Starting in 2013, the event will be converted to an Ironman 70.3.

"We have listened to our athletes, and they've told us that while they love St. George - the people, the community and surrounding - St. George does not work for them as an early season Ironman." said Andrew Messick, CEO of Ironman.
"Our belief is that St. George will flourish as a 70.3 and we are pleased that we are continuing our relationship with St. George and with the state of Utah."

The swim course will follow a shorter loop through Sand Hollow Reservoir, the bike route will lead athletes along Red Hills Parkway through the brilliant scenery of Snow Canyon State Park, and the half marathon will take participants up Red Hills Parkway and back. The finish line will still be located at Town Square.

"We welcome this new race as a continuation of the momentum we've started with Ironman St. George," said Kevin Lewis, Director of Sports Marketing with the Convention & Tourism office. "We estimate the economic impact to our community will be similar to that of the full distance Ironman, while the cost of hosting and the need for road closures and necessary services is reduced."

One of nearly 60 Ironman 70.3 events worldwide, Ironman 70.3 St George is set to take place on May 4th 2013. Athletes will be competing for a professional prize purse of $15,000 and 75 age group qualifying slots for the 2013 Ironman World Championship 70.3 scheduled for September in Lake Las Vegas in Henderson, Nev.

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Workout Week 23rd-29th


There is just so much excitement in the air!  Ironman St. George is less than TWO WEEKS away and we have a GREAT group of SUTC athletes standing ready to compete!  If you aren't competing........VOLUNTEER!  You will not be disappointed.  We have many members of the triclub who are supporting Ironman by heading up aid stations and other volunteer run areas of the race.  Check out the Facebook page for opportunities!  Ironman is a World-Class event and we are so lucky to have it in our hometown!  Make sure to be out showing your support on May 5th........The City and the Athletes will thank you!

SPECIAL EVENT FOR SUTC IRONMAN ATHLETES!    IMSG Athletes competing in this year's event are invited to an IRONMAN Q&A.  Heather and Trevor Wurtele (Canadian Professional Triathletes who train half the year in St. George) will join other individuals and SUTC members who have completed IMSG in the past two years to answer your questions and give you the motivation you need to make it to the finish line in 2012.  This event will take place on Friday, April 27th at Washington City's CottonTown Village (near BikeFix) at 7:00 p.m.  More details to come shortly!  

OPEN WATER SWIMMING IS BACK!  The water is clear, "warm" and BEAUTIFUL!  It is time to get in that open water.  We are lucky to have such a great open water swimming venue so close to home.  The more you swim in the open water, the easier it will be on race day.  Here are a few tips to make your open water experience that much better:  

1.  DON'T SWIM ALONE!  It is tempting, but just don't do it!  Always have a buddy, or at least someone on shore keeping an eye on you.  The lake is deep and there are hazards that you don't have in a pool.  Be smart and bring a friend or two. 

2.  SWIM WITHIN YOUR ABILITIES.  The open water is beautiful and so much fun, but make sure to stay within the bounds of your ability.  Remember that it is always easy on the way out.  You may turn around to find the wind and waves in your face and a much more difficult swim to get back to shore.  Just be aware of conditions and stay within your own abilities.  

3.  FOLLOW THE RULES.  Swim where swimming is allowed!  Sand Hollow has a HUGE area designated for swimming.  Stay within those areas (marked by buoys).  This is for your own safety!  Boats are not allowed in these areas.  If you do see boats in this area, make sure to notify the Rangers.  

4.  WEAR SOME COLOR.  Wetsuits are traditionally all black and make it very difficult to see a swimmer when they are in the water.  Choose a bright-colored cap to help identify yourself in the water.  Remember that you are very low in the water when swimming and boaters can have a really tough time spotting you.  Stay clear of motorized watercraft and always make your presence known.  

5.  WATCH OUT FOR FISHING LINES.  There are many areas around the island in Sand Hollow where fish love to congregate and fisherman love to toss in a line.  These lines are difficult to see and have VERY SHARP hooks on the end.  When you see fishers politely ask where there line is located or if they can pull it in for a few seconds while you pass.  Always be courteous to others so everyone can enjoy the lake!  

NEW TRACK WORKOUT STARTING THIS WEEK!  Track workouts coached by our own Dennis Budd will be starting up on Tuesday, April 24th at 6:00 p.m. (time will change when it gets hot).  This is a GREAT opportunity for beginners and veterans alike take your running to a new level.  If you are new to track running, please show up 15 minutes early.  


Tuesday:  Track Workout @ PVHS  Track workouts are a very effective and efficient way to improve your running.  Join us at 6:00 p.m. at the Pine View High School (East of Costco) track.  If you are new to track workouts, please be there 15 minutes early.  Coach Dennis Budd will be leading this workout.  

Wednesday:  The Plunge at Sand Hollow!  The water is warm enough that I don't think we can call this a "Polar Plunge" anymore.  The water was BEAUTIFUL last week!  Now is the time to hone your open water swimming skills!  We are so lucky to have such a GREAT open water venue so close to home.   Meet at the top of the main parking lot at 5:45p and plan on hitting the water at 6:00p.  I would still recommend long-sleeved wetsuits, but it is getting to the point that you can use a sleeveless if that is your only option.  Don't forget to bring your bikes for a ride on the SG Tri bike course following the plunge.  

SG Tri Bike Course Ride.  Meet at the main parking lot of Sand Hollow or just outside the gates and wait for the group.  Plan on 6:30p-6:45p being ready to roll on up the big hill!  Beginner Friendly!

Thursday:  Airport Bike Ride.  Meet at 4:00p at the Desert Hills High School Tennis Court.  Ride will head out the Fort Pierce Industrial Area to the airport and back.  Option to ride 20-40 miles.  Beginner Friendly!

Saturday:  St. George Tri Show & Go.  Meet at Sand Hollow Reservoir at 8:00 for a ride and run on the St. George Triathlon bike and run course.  If you are interested in swimming as well, hit us up on Facebook to find some friends to join you.  This is a new group that is forming, so watch and post on Facebook if you are planning on attending.  

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Workout Week April 1st-7th 2012

IT'S RACE WEEK.......AGAIN!  Congrats to all the Club members who competed in the various races around the region last weekend.  I'm probably biased here, but I have to give a HUGE shout out to those who did Leadman in Las Vegas!  Wow!  You guys are champions for even toeing the line in those windy conditions.  It was an Epic day in Vegas!  Share your race reports with us!  We all learn from each other and LOVE to get a good chuckle from your experiences.  Post your race reports on the Facebook page!  

This weekend is the triathlon season opener in Southern Utah!  If you are not registered for SHAC yet, get over to the St. George Recreation Center and sign up!  Remember to ask for your Club discount (you only get it when registering in person).  SHAC is a GREAT race (with a twin race in November)!  It brings out newbies and veterans alike.  It is a great chance to test your speed in the early season or start off your triathlon lifestyle with a fun and friendly race!  If you don't plan to race, please plan to VOLUNTEER!  Contact Aaron Metler at 627-4504.  We wantt discounts and they need volunteers!  Help us keep this partnership strong.  

In honor of opening day on Saturday, I believe it is time for another FACEBOOK CONTEST sponsored by (The best online resource for triathletes!)  So here's the questions:  What did you wish you knew BEFORE your first triathlon?  I'll post the question on Facebook and you post your comment below.  We will choose a random winner on Friday at about Noon!  SO WHAT DO YOU WIN?  How about a NUTRITION PACK FROM GU!  The winner will receive one container of Gu Brew Electrolyte replacement drink AND one container of Gu Brew Recovery drink.  This stuff is awesome!  So go hit up Facebook and join the conversation.  We know you have some good stories to tell :)


Wednesday:  SandHollow Polar Plunge & Bike!  Meet at the main boat ramp (parking lot) at 5:45p.  We plan to hit the water by 6:00p.  IT IS COLD!  Plan to bring your warm swimming gear.  Warm yourself up afterwards with a bike on the St. George Triathlon bike course.  The bike ride is BEGINNER FRIENDLY!  It is not recommended that beginners start swimming in Sand Hollow just yet.  Give it a few weeks if you have never been in open water before.  Swimming in these temperatures requires good swimming skills as well as good equipment.  Don't worry......We'll be wishing it would cool off in just a few more weeks!

Watch for a new day and time for Club pool swims!

Thursday:  Airport Ride.  BEGINNER FRIENDLY!  Meet at DHHS Tennis Courts.  Ride leaves at 4:00 p.m.  This is a GREAT out and back course on quiet roads.  

Track workouts are resuming soon!  

1- SHAC Beginner Triathlon.  Good Luck to all those participating!
2- Informal 70.3.  Club Member Lyle Anderson is putting together an informal 70.3 challenge on Saturday starting at Sand Hollow Reservoir.  Watch Facebook for more information or contact Lyle at
3- Show and Go IMSG Bike Course and Transition Run.  Meet at 8:45a at the ponds on Snow Canyon Parkway.  Ride leaves at 9:00 a.m.  LOTS OF OPTIONS!  Do one or two loops and then add some transition running on the surrounding trails.  

Last, but definitely NOT LEAST, I was given another AWESOME discount.  This time for the HELL HOLE 5k/10k in Washington City!  Check out the attached flyer.  Register in person at the WCCC and receive 15% with your Club membership (they have a list, but bring your card if you have one)!  This is a GREAT race that incorporates the beautiful Hell's Canyon portion of the DogTown Half Marathon..........this time you just have to run up it ;)  The 10K is very challenging and the 5K is relatively flat, but both have a short, steep 12% climb to the finish!  We LOVE our local events!  Go out and support them!  Remember to use those discount codes.......Don't abuse them!  Discounts are for active Club Members only!  

Happy Training!